About Changzhou University Library

The Changzhou University Library (CZUL) was established in September 1978 and it was originally named Wuxi Branch Library of Nanjing Chemical Technology Institute (Mashan, Wuxi). When the university moved to Changzhou in 1981, it was renamed the library of Jiangsu Institute of Chemical Technology. In 1991, the library imported computer management system and implemented the full open shelf management mode, which greatly facilitated the readers. In 1992, the library changed its name to the library of Jiangsu petrochemical technology Institute. The new library with an area of more than 8300 square meters was put into use in 1994. To provide Internet access service for school teachers and students, an advanced computer reading room was built in December the next year, which improve the service level of the library to a new level. In 2002, the library was renamed as the library of Jiangsu Technology Institute . During this period, with the construction of Wujin campus, the library of Wujin campus was put into use in 2006. With an area of more than 15000 square meters, the new library has become the Central Library of the school library. In 2010, the library changed its name to CZUL.

At present, the library has two branch libraries, Wujin Science and Education City Campus library and West Taihu campus library, with an area of more than 40000 square meters. The library has more than 1.76 million Chinese and foreign paper books, more than 2800 reading seats, over 60 electronic databases, and more than 1.68 million Chinese and foreign e-books. The main reading rooms open from 7:30 a.m. to 21:30 p.m., 98 hours a week, and some places open 24 hours a day. The branch libraries in every campus can borrow and return freely, and provide interlibrary loan, document delivery and other services, which are convenient to the readers. The library is connected to the campus network with 10 Gigabit optical fiber and provides readers with network connection ports and computer terminals for query. At the same time, it realizes the full coverage of various WiFi wireless networks. The library website and various electronic resources provide 24-hour uninterrupted service every day, so that teachers and students can easily and quickly retrieve the literature resources, It can also access all kinds of database resources freely through any client on the campus network, and readers can reserve or renew books by themselves.

The library is a member library of the China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) and JiangSu Academic Library & Information System (JALIS). Changzhou University (CCZU) was authorized by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C. as the ministerial level Sci-tech novelty retrieval station. It mainly provides scientific and technological novelty search and consulting services for Changzhou and the surrounding areas of scientific research institutes, companies and so on. In October 2017, it was approved as the "Patent Information Dissemination and Cultivation Base University Library of Jiangsu Province".

The library has built Changzhou intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall, which specially collects and displays the intangible cultural heritage works in Changzhou. It is now a service base for lifelong learning of Changzhou citizens and a demonstration base for popularization of social sciences in Changzhou. In addition, the library has built a museum of Changzhou local culture to collect works of Changzhou authors and works reflecting the politics, economy and culture of Changzhou. It has also established research institutions such as Changzhou Institute of local culture to actively participate in the construction and research of Changzhou local culture.

Library is now composed of the administrative office, Document Resources Construction Department, Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Station, Information Consultant and Teaching Research Department, Circulation Reading Department, Technology Department and other departments. At present, there are 54 librarians, including 1 with senior professional title, 9 with deputy senior professional title and 23 with intermediate professional title, accounting for 60% of the total number of librarians.

The library has been awarded the honorary titles of Changzhou advanced grass-roots party organization, Changzhou "women civilization post", Jiangsu University Library advanced group, Jiangsu University literature resources sharing service advanced group, CCZU "May 1th women's standard post" and other honorary titles. Based on the idea of "everything for readers" and the service tenet of "readers first and service first", the library will adhere to the CCZU spirit of "taking responsibility bravely and pursuing excellence", and strive for the development goal of building a "high-level local leading university library with distinctive characteristics".

Science and Education City Library
Department Location Opening Time
Compact Stacks 107 Monday to Sunday 8:00--11:00; 13:00--16:30
Front Desk 2F Monday to Sunday 8:00--21:00
Electronic Information Center 207 Monday to Sunday 8:00--21:00
Reading space 305 Monday to Sunday 0:00--24:00
Comprehensive reading room 306 Monday to Friday 8:00--11:00; 13:00--16:30
Petrochemical characteristic library 508 Monday to Sunday 8:00--21:00
Social science Reading room 608 Monday to Sunday 8:00--21:00
Natural science Reading room 708 Monday to Saturday 8:00--11:00; 13:00--16:30
Intangible Cultural Heritage Space 4F Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:30
Yunzhou Book Bar 8F Monday to Sunday 7:00-21:30
Gehu Library
Department Location Opening Time
Periodical reading room First floor, building 9 Monday to Sunday 8:00--21:30
First Reading room North side of sports stand Monday to Saturday 8:00--11:00; 13:00--16:30
Second Reading room South side of sports stand Monday to Saturday 8:00--11:00; 13:00--16:30